class socialregistration.clients.oauth.OAuth(access_token=None, access_token_secret=None)

Base class for OAuth1 services such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Tumblr.


Return the correct client depending on which stage of the OAuth process we’re in.


When redirect back to our application, try to complete the flow by requesting an access token. If the access token request fails, it’ll throw an OAuthError.

Tries to complete the flow by validating against the GET paramters received.


Return the access token for this API. If we’ve not fetched it yet, go out, request and memoize it.


Returns the URL where the service should redirect the user back to once permissions/access were granted - or not. This should take in account the value returned by self.is_https().


Return the authorization/authentication URL signed with the request token.


Return the request token for this API. If we’ve not fetched it yet, go out, request and memoize it.

static get_session_key()

Return a unique identifier to store this client in the user’s session for the duration of the authentication/authorization process.


Return the current user’s information.


Check if the site is using HTTPS. This is controlled with SOCIALREGISTRATION_USE_HTTPS setting.

request(url, method='GET', params=None, headers=None)

Make signed requests against url.

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